Sunday, November 2, 2008


Seaton Hackney Stables, a Morris County Parks Commission facility that is operated by Equishare LLC, has been a long-standing icon in Morristown. After a long hiatus and extensive renovations, Seaton Hackney Stables reopened in the Fall of 2006.

Now, one year later, we are please to invite you to support this amazing asset to our community.

The Friends of Seaton Hackney Stables (SHS) is a community-based project managed by Focus America, a NJ 501(c)3 Non-Profit Volunteer Organization. Our mission is to promote community awareness of the stables and its many programs, events, and services. Members do not have to be riders but simply appreciate the value of this facility to the community and our children who benefit greatly from learning how to care for and ride horses.

The Friends of SHS intends to raise money to provide financial assistance to capable riders through scholarships and awards as well as donate items needed to enhance the facility, support Seaton Hackney Schooling Shows, and underwrite children’s educational programs for local school-aged children.

Members will receive advance notification of events, have priority reservations, and discounted entrance fees for special events. Members will also enjoy discounts for pony rides and trail rides during off-peak times/days. In addition, special activities will be offered throughout the year to members of the Friends of SHS.